Handspun Linen - Lace Weight Yarn

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Handspun Linen - Lace Weight Yarn
This yarn's color is natural un-dyed

Fiber: Linen

Length: 1 skein with Approx. 254 yards in total

WPI: Approx. 22-24 (lace weight)

Ply: 2 ply

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One of the first fibers our ancestors every spun, linen is made from the inner stalk fibers from the of the flax plant. Fragments from 10,000 years ago still exist, so you can see it's extremely durable. It can be machine washed and dried flat. The yarn has been been wet spun, and double boiled to soften it and remove most of the natural starch in the fiber. It is still quite stiff, but the more linen is used and washed, the softer it becomes.


Additional Information

Yarn Weight Lace
Fiber Choices Cellulose: Flax/Linen
Color Family Natural/Undyed
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed